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We have an all-inclusive wedding package with 6 hours of non-stop photobooth fun.

One free memory book with an attached CD of digital photos is included with every wedding.

Strength in numbers.  We are a full-time company with multiple photobooths and spare parts available.  Every photobooth comes equipped with a backup computer.  We have multiple photobooth hosts on staff if someone calls in sick.  These are some of the advantages of working with a full-time photobooth company.

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Weddings with Mobile Booth

Think about this. 

Everyone at your reception will see you having a great time, but the photobooth is a great way for you to take home photos of your guests having a great time.  That's why photobooths have become so popular at weddings lately.  With the explosion of social media the "selfie" is the new portrait.  

Fun is contagious.  

Ever notice how laughter draws the attention of everyone around you?  When fun things are happening everyone wants to join in!  Our photobooth is guaranteed to bring on fits of fun and giggles, which in turn will draw a crowd.  After their photobooth session, guests will show off their photo strips to other friends which spreads the fun all around your party.  

The best way to capture candid photos of your family & friends.

 There’s something magical about disappearing behind the curtain of the photo booth that brings people to life.  Grandma sticks her tongue out at grampa, all the bridesmaids squeeze in with ear-to-ear grins, and your niece and nephew battle it out.  In the photobooth creativity wins, and you get to sit back and watch the magic unfold.  If guests don’t get the perfect pose on the first try, they have 3 more chances (and infinitely more photo sessions) to get it just right.  Fear flies out the window as guests compete for the goofiest faces.

Our photobooths are extremely limited so contact us today.  

Because of the immense popularity of Mobile Booth among engaged couples, our calendar fills quickly.  We recommend contacting us for additional information or to arrange a free consultation as soon as possible.  This will help to guarantee a reservation on your wedding date.

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