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Our photobooths are guaranteed to be age appropriate for school and youth events.

The best selection of props are always included for free.

Your photos are always safe with us.

Mobile Sync:  Our exclusive photo to video screen software adds to the fun.

We feel the need for speed!  Our photobooths are fast.

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School is in session with age appropriate photobooths from Mobile Booth.

What are age appropriate photobooths and why does it matter to your school event?

Our photobooths prove that one size DOES NOT FIT ALL.  All of our props are student friendly.  We do not offer hand-cuffs, guns, knives, weapons or coconut bras like the other guys hand out.  Yes, other photobooth companies actually advertise coconut bras on their website.  Is this appropriate for your school?

Your photos are safe with us.  Because of privacy laws concerning minors, school districts are not allowed to post photos of students on public websites.  However, this doesn't seem to stop other photobooth companies from posting photos of minors on their websites without thinking twice.  We always check with your administration for permission to post pictures online for the safety and the privacy of minors at school events.  A free online photo gallery is provided if we receive permission to post your photos.

Mobile Sync.  If your event includes a video dance party package from our DJ companies Nick At Night or Michigan Mobile, this feature is just for you.  Our staff created a software program that synchronizes pictures from the photobooth to the video screen at the DJ table wirelessly.  This means your photobooth pictures will be displayed on our video screen just a few minutes after they develop using an exclusive program that we created, even if the photobooth and the DJ are in separate rooms.  It’s all done wirelessly without the need for an internet connection.  Our photobooths can connect to our video dance party screens automatically, and we can pre-approve or reject photos before they are displayed.  Other companies do not offer this feature because Mobile Sync is our exclusive service.

Freaky fast photobooths!  We custom built our photobooths from the ground up for speed, pure and simple.  Your guests push a big green "go" button and the booth takes them through the process, automatically creates full color pictures, and prints them.  The more guests we can get through the booth during your event, the less time they spend waiting in line and the more guests we are able to serve.  Unlike weddings, our school events typically have up to 2,000 students and getting them through the booth quickly (so that it's fair to everyone) is our highest priority.  If they enter the booth and the first thing they do is debate whether they want color or black and white, that amount of time is wasted and the line gets longer.

Our photobooths are extremely limited so contact us today.  

Because of the immense popularity of Mobile Booth during homecoming, snowcoming and prom seasons, our calendar fills very quickly.  We recommend contacting us for additional information or to arrange a free consultation as soon as possible.  This will help to guarantee a reservation on your event date.

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